10 Products for Parking Lot and Garage Safety

Bollard and clearance bar help protect parking garage entrance

Parking lots and garages can be busy areas. Using the right traffic safety equipment can prevent vehicles from damaging facilities, property, or other vehicles. Pedestrians in parking garages and lots are also at risk of being injured if these areas are not properly marked or guarded with the appropriate safety equipment. Here is a breakdown of the 10 items that can help you protect pedestrians and motorists in busy parking lots and garages.

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Speed bumps.

Speed bumps are designed to slow vehicles down to a safe speed. Speed bumps can either be permanent, concrete fixtures or they can be semi-permanent items that are constructed of high-density polyethylene that can be removed as needed. Speed bumps should also be a high-visibility color that alerts motorists to their presence.

Parking stops.

Parking stops are small barriers that are placed at the front of a parking space in order to delineate parking spaces from each other. One advantage of a parking stop is that it discourages vehicles from driving over the lines in parking areas and damaging vehicles in the adjacent spot.

Bollard posts.

A bollard post is a short, vertical post that provides protection from impact or serves as a visual marker for vehicles and pedestrians. Bollard posts are typically constructed with concrete or steel in the case of impact-rated posts.

Clearance bars.

Clearance bars function as an early warning to motorists concerning the height limits for a facility. Using clearance bars not only protects vehicles from damage but can also prevent structures and property from being damaged by vehicles that exceed height requirements.

Wall and corner protectors.

Concrete walls can become damaged when they are struck by vehicles or other heavy equipment. Walls and corner protectors not only keep walls from being damaged by minor impacts, but their high-visibility construction also allows them to function as visibility markers.

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Delineator posts.

A delineator post is meant to function as a visual marker in a parking lot, warehouse, or parking garage. Delineator posts are typically manufactured in a highly visible color—like yellow, orange, or green—which can help guide motorists and pedestrians in busy areas.

Convex mirrors.

A convex mirror is a domed-shaped mirror that is usually placed in an area that will help motorists and pedestrians see around corners or into areas that they otherwise would not be able to. Using convex mirrors in a parking lot or garage can help vehicles see each other before a collision occurs.

Proper signage for direction, speed, etc.

Using painted lines to delineate parking spaces, crosswalks, or other barriers in a parking lot or garage helps to eliminate confusion for motorists and pedestrians. Similarly, using the appropriate signage will help to guide vehicles and prevent accidents from occurring. In addition, proper maintenance of the parking deck is important to keeping any floor signage highly visible.

Security cameras.

Security cameras can deter illegal activity before it ever takes place. Keeping security cameras in parking lots and garages will alert would-be criminals that they are being recorded and will help keep vehicles, pedestrians, and property safe.

Traffic barricade arms.

The purpose of a traffic barricade arm is to prevent vehicles from moving too quickly or into an area where they are not authorized to be. Keeping barricade arms in a parking lot or garage can deter unauthorized entry and protect other vehicles and pedestrians.

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