Construction Industry

Construction safety equipment from Eagle
will help protect personnel from injury and provide
regulatory compliance.

Safety Equipment for the Construction Industry

The construction industry typically refers to a variety of large- and small-scale building operations, as well as specialty industries, including carpentry, concrete, plumbing, electrical, welding, sheet metal, masonry, glass installation, and more. The layout of a construction facility or project site can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of work. However, most work zones in the construction industry tend to share the same general areas, such as temporary laydown and storage, tool and equipment issuance trailers, fabrication zones, etc.

It is important to utilize proper safety equipment in all areas to protect workers and assets in an active construction site. The 2019 National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that construction and construction-related industries were among the top five most dangerous professions. Implementing the right equipment in all areas of an active construction operation can help to prevent incidents that result in injured personnel or damaged assets.

Eagle is the industry leader in workplace safety equipment for industrial, commercial, and public facilities. Our products enable facilities all over the world to protect employees and assets and achieve federal, state, and local regulatory compliance. To help you find the safety equipment that is best suited to your construction facility or operational needs, here is an overview of the most common areas in a construction worksite, as well as an outline of the equipment that will provide maximum safety for those areas. 

Parking Lot

Outdoor ashtrays are perfect for the parking lot area of an active construction site. These receptacles will help reduce trash and debris in a parking lot by providing a weather-resistant method for cigarette disposal. This may also discourage workers from smoking on site.

Traffic safety equipment is also important in these areas of a construction site. Guide-post delineators will help navigate pedestrians and vehicles in busy parking lots and reduce the likelihood of accidents or collisions. High visibility parking stops and clearance bars are also available to assist with the direction of traffic in these areas. 

Temporary Storage & Laydown

Temporary storage and laydown areas are used in construction operations to house necessary tools, equipment, and materials. These areas are ideal for FM-approved safety cabinets. Safety cabinets are designed to safely store a wide range of materials often used in construction work zones, including diesel, oil, kerosene, furfural, pesticides, and more.

Safety cabinets from Eagle feature an 18-gauge steel construction and are available in 2- to 110-gallon sizes. All metal safety cabinets from Eagle are designed to comply with NFPA code 30 and OSHA requirements.

Areas where flammable and combustible liquids are stored and transferred or where vehicles and trucks enter and exit frequently often get messy. Having absorbent pads available will ensure that leaks and spills can be responded to quickly. Useful items for controlling spills include oil absorbent pads, blankets, hose wraps, and drip pad replacements as well as spill containment boxes to ensure it is easily accessible and in good condition.

General Carpentry Area

For carpentry areas in an active construction site, Eagle offers a variety of safety cans that provide safe storage, transfer,  and disposal for a range of potentially dangerous fuels or materials. Plunger, bench, and daub cans are designed to assist with parts and surface cleaning. Disposal cans that provide an intermediate station for temporary disposal are also ideal for carpentry areas.

Maintenance and Repair Shop

In construction sites, maintenance areas are commonly utilized to repair damaged tools, machinery, or equipment. An oily waste can is perfect for a maintenance area because it is designed to safely retain fabrics and other materials that were soiled or soaked with flammable liquids during the repair process.

FM-approved and OSHA-compliant waste receptacles—such as oily waste cans or disposal cans—will help to maximize productivity in these areas. This is also another area in which absorbent pads will come in handy as repairs tend to create a mess. Prepare for and control machinery and equipment spills with oil absorbent pads, blankets, hose wraps, drip pad replacements, and spill containment boxes.

Tools and Material Issuance Trailer

Tool and material trailers are often high-traffic areas where construction crews come to pick up and drop off equipment. Because these sites are typically busy with foot and vehicle traffic, it is essential to implement safety features that will minimize the risk of an incident.

Bollard posts feature a high visibility design that enables them to direct pedestrians and vehicles in high-traffic areas. Bollard posts from Eagle are available in a variety of size and color options. Column protectors and rack guards can also be deployed in these areas to protect facilities from damage in the event of a collision.

Fitting, Fabrication, and Welding Area

Fitting and fabrication areas are also common in construction operations and facilities. Industrial waste carts can provide fabrication specialists with a reliable portable waste receptacle that will not dent or rust. Spill containment berms are also ideal for fitting, fabrication, and welding areas. Berms offer secondary containment that will prevent leaks and spills from spreading in these areas.

Active Construction Area

In active construction zones, Type I and II safety cans provide safe storage for a variety of liquids. For jobs involving oil or other flammable and combustible liquids, oil absorbent pads and blankets will help prevent oils and other substances from escaping into storm drains or waterways.

Drum transportation and storage accessories are also available for active construction sites. Drum covers and funnels will help prevent leaks and spills in work areas. For relocating drums or pallets containing hazardous materials, track mats enable forklifts or other vehicles to load and unload materials without damaging berms.

Construction Roadway/Pedestrian Walkway

Pedestrian walkways and roadways in an active construction zone can be potentially dangerous areas. Traffic safety and material handling equipment can help prevent injuries and damage to facilities.

Traffic delineator posts feature a high-visibility design and can be deployed to create a segregated walkway for pedestrians in high-traffic areas. For more permanent walkways or roadways, bollard posts or machine guards offer traffic delineation as well as reliable protection from vehicle impact.

Find the Safety Equipment that is Right for You

Eagle safety equipment can help create a safe working environment for personnel as well as enable your construction operation to achieve regulatory compliance. Our safety solutions are designed for a wide range of industries and working contexts, including commercial, industrial, and public applications. Take a look at our selection of construction safety equipment, and find the products that are right for you.