Outdoor Ashtrays and Cigarette Receptacles

  • Classic Outdoor Ashtray

    The Eagle SafeSmoker™ classic outdoor ashtray is made of high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors and features a galvanized steel collection bucket inside. It is designed to restrict oxygen and quickly extinguish burning cigarette butts.

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  • Original Butt Cans

    An all metal galvanized steel can makes the Eagle Original Butt Can cigarette butt container ideal for “designated smoking areas” in offices, commercial or industrial settings. The cigarette butt receptacles are available in two colors: yellow and beige.

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Outdoor Ashtrays and Cigarette Receptacles

Keep outside smoking areas clean from cigarette butts with an FM-compliant outdoor ashtray. An outside ashtray, or cigarette receptacle provides a safe method for cigarette butt disposal. What makes an outdoor ashtray unique, is the oxygen restricting design that quickly extinguishes burning butts. The top of each cigarette receptacle removes to easily access and empty the internal bucket. Rain-protective design makes this a true outdoor ashtray by keeping water out and eliminates odor. These cigarette disposal cans are available in three distinct styles. A polyethylene classic and decorative outdoor ashtray design, and a metal galvanized steel butt can style.