Spill Control & Safety Equipment

  • Spill Containment Pallets

    Eagle drum pallets and spill containment platforms provide flexible and comprehensive spill protection. The pallets are constructed of HDPE for excellent chemical resistance and feature patented removable HDPE grating for easier cleaning.

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  • Berms

    Eagle flexible spill containment berms offer an affordable solution for fast response to leaks and drips in the workplace. These easy-to-use berms are constructed of tough, durable woven synthetic fabric that is chemical and corrosion-resistant.

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  • Drain Covers and Leak Diverters

    Protect against unexpected leaks and spills with Eagle drain covers and roof leak diverters. Durable, chemically-resistant drain covers create a barrier to help prevent liquids from reaching the drain, while leak diverters channel away liquids.

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  • Oil Absorbent Pads

    Take care of spills and leaks with Eagle's line of oil absorbent pads, oil absorbent blankets, hose wraps and drip pads. Browse our wide selection of spill control products ideal for handling small leaks, drips and spills as required by maintenance.

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  • Drum Storage and Products

    Eagle offers a wide range of drum storage products designed to protect against incidental spills and leaks in any areas where drums are being used or stored. These include drum bogies, spill packs, drum trays and pans, funnels, covers and more.

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  • Spill Tray, Drip Pan and Sump

    Use Eagle spill trays, drip pans and sumps to contain small spills, drips and leaks in the workplace. The HDPE spill trays provide an affordable solution to containing small spills of up to 5 gallons in the lab or underneath machinery.

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  • IBC Containment Pallet

    Eagle IBC container pallets are constructed of chemical-resistant HDPE for extreme corrosion resistance. Each 4-drum unit comes with a choice of metal or poly platform, has a 400-gal spill capacity and 10,000 lb. load capacity.

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  • Spill Kit Box

    Eagle spill kit boxes for oil and chemical spills come in both 110 and 220 gallon sizes and in yellow or black HDPE. Use these spill kit boxes as part of your emergency spill response plan, as well as hazmat cleaning or routine maintenance.

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  • Spill Containment Parts and Accessories

    Browse from a wide selection of spill control and containment parts to ensure your spill control products meet your containment needs. These include items such as hose wraps, replacement pads, utility trays, and more.

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Spill Control & Safety Equipment

For nearly 30 years, Eagle Manufacturing has had the most flexible and comprehensive spill containment and storage product line available. As the market leader we have trusted Compliance Solutions to help keep your personnel and facilities protected. All of our products are 100 percent made in the USA, and are constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for excellent chemical resistance and maximum performance to meet EPA and SPCC compliance. This product line includes Budget Basins, Modular Platforms, Pallets, Sumps, IBC Containment Units, Outdoor Storage, Workstations and Spill Containment Boxes.

Whether you need a spill containment tray or kit to assist in spill control, Eagle has a solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spill containment system?

Spill containment systems prevent oil, chemicals or other hazardous materials from contaminating the environment, causing accidents or illnesses, or creating an unsafe workplace. Spills also increase the risks of slips and falls, and can damage expensive equipment, costing businesses money while waiting for repairs or replacement parts. Additionally, if not handled properly, some spills may result in citations and even fines from the EPA. Keep workplaces safe by always using high-quality spill containment systems, like Eagle spill containment berms, spill pallets and platforms, drain covers and leak diverters, spill containment trays and other secondary containment solutions.

What is the meaning of spill containment?

Liquid spills in the workplace spread fast but providing spill containment at the source prevents it from leaving the immediate vicinity. Keep spill kits and other spill containment equipment close to potential spill sources, like leaky equipment or hazardous liquid storage, so spills can be cleaned up and contained as quickly as possible.

What is important for spill containment?

Spill containment is very important when dealing with, storing or handling chemicals or hazardous substances. Always have a spill plan ready to manage potential leaks or spillage. The plan should detail the spill type and size, as well as any dangers it poses to personnel or the public, the property, and the environment. The plan should also outline what responsibilities and equipment is required during spill response events, as well as proper waste disposal protocol.

How much spill containment do I need?

Per EPA SPCC standards, a spill containment system must have the capacity to contain 10 percent of the volume of the containers or the largest container, whichever is greater. However, state and local codes may be more rigid, so always talk to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to be aware of any additional requirements.

Why is spill management important?

Spill management is an important health and safety factor for all businesses. Spills on the ground may cause slips and falls in the workplace. Some hazardous chemical spills may also immediately endanger workers who attempt to clean them up. For instance, corrosive chemicals can cause intense burns to the skin. Some biological spills may cause exposure to diseased bacteria or micro-organisms. Good spill management should be prepared for every type of chemical spill relative to the industry or workplace.

What is the best way to control spills?

Spills happen, despite our best efforts. An effective plan to control spills should include the following:

  1. Evaluate the risk
  2. Use proper spill response equipment (including PPE)
  3. Contain the spill
  4. Cut off the source of the spill
  5. Clean up the spill
  6. Properly dispose of cleanup materials
  7. Fill out required reports according to federal, state and local guidelines.

What is the purpose of spill containment?

Spill containment is used to protect the environment from the release of hazardous materials. By containing these materials, it helps to prevent them from contaminating soil and water resources such as rivers, lakes and oceans. Additionally, spill containment can also help to prevent injuries by providing a barrier between people and the spilled material.