Bollard Covers - Protective and Decorative Sleeves for Bollard Posts


Bollard Covers - Protective and Decorative Sleeves for Bollard Posts

Eagle plastic bollard covers make old pipe bollard posts look like new. Constructed of American-manufactured high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with UV inhibitors, the all-weather post covers resist fading, rusting, and cracking. The post cover sleeves easily slip over 4-, 6-, and 8-inch NPT pipe and eliminate the need for annual painting and maintenance. They also help protect vehicles and the post from impact damage. The unique design allows for easy slide-on installation.

Plastic Bollard Cover Options

Eagle offers several options, colors and heights for post cover bollard sleeves. Our resilient fluted design allows for more flexibility and durability upon impact, while smooth post covers provide a clean and sleek aesthetic. Post cover heights may be trimmed to an exact fit. Bollard sleeves can also be used free-standing with an optional rubber base.

Use decorative bollard sleeves to enhance the appearance of your building exterior. These slip easily over 4x4-inch wooden or steel posts or can be used with an optional base.

Bollard Cover Questions

Without a protective cover, bollards can become damaged and corroded, which can compromise their effectiveness. Because of this, bollard covers are used to protect the underlying bollard from damage, extending their life and maintaining their ability to protect.

The following set of questions and answers explain what bollard covers are, how they’re installed and the benefits of using them in warehouses with high traffic.

What is a bollard cover?

A bollard cover is a protective sleeve that is placed over a bollard, which is a short post or pillar. They’re used to signify caution or mark physical hazards that cause slips, trips, and falls or machinery with pinch points in warehouses.

How do you install bollard covers?

Eagle’s bollard covers are easy to install. Simply slide the cover over an existing bollard post and trim extra height for a perfect fit. Eagle’s bollard covers come in standard sizes, and fluted and smooth styles.

What are the benefits of bollard covers?

There are several benefits of using bollard covers, including protection and safety. Bollard covers protect the underlying bollard from damage caused by forklifts, pallet jacks and other types of material handling equipment. This can help to extend the life of steel or concrete bollards at minimal costs. Bollard covers also improve the safety of a warehouse by increasing their visibility in low-light conditions. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Covers can be customized with colors to improve property appearance and make bollards more visually appealing.

How do bollard covers guide traffic flow in a warehouse?

Bollard covers can help guide traffic flow in a warehouse by providing a visual cue for drivers and employees. By placing bollard covers in strategic locations, businesses can create lanes for traffic, restrict access to certain areas and protect equipment from accidental collisions. This, in turn, reduces the risk of damage and keeps operations running smoothly.

Do bollard covers have to be yellow?

No, bollard covers do not have to be yellow. They can be customized with different colors and designs to match a business or organization's branding, or to fit the surrounding environment. While yellow is a common color for bollard covers, Eagle offers bollard covers in black, blue, brown green, orange, red and yellow.