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What are Column Protectors Used For?

Yellow column protector around pole in large distribution center

When it comes to maintaining a safe and efficient workplace, there are numerous considerations that facility managers must take into account. One often-overlooked aspect of workplace safety is the protection of structural columns and support beams within a facility.

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What Is the Best Way to Protect Warehouse Columns, Posts, and Beams?

Yellow column protector around column in warehouse

If you’re a facility manager or safety officer, you may have wondered how to protect warehouse structural columns or other vertical support elements in an industrial setting. A post protector, also called a column protector or column guard, is your best bet.  

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Safety Barriers 101: 3 Types of Column Guards to Protect Your Facility

Yellow column protector in front of pallets in warehouse

A column guard is a safety barrier used to protect columns, posts, poles, and pillars, as well as pipes and tubes. This barrier is a common type of material handling equipment frequently used in warehouses, industrial spaces, and loading docks to protect the structural integrity of the building from damage caused by impact from forklifts, pallet jacks, Towomotors, and other moving equipment. 

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Building Protection: How to Choose the Best Column Protectors for Your Facility

Large distribution warehouse with forklift

Column protection is one of the top investments your business can make to safeguard the structural integrity of your building. If you’re a facility manager or warehouse operator in charge of purchasing building column protectors, use these expert tips to select the best column guards for your needs.

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10 Products for Parking Lot and Garage Safety

Bollard and clearance bar help protect parking garage entrance

Parking lots and garages can be busy areas. Using the right traffic safety equipment can prevent vehicles from damaging facilities, property, or other vehicles. Pedestrians in parking garages and lots are also at risk of being injured if these areas are not properly marked or guarded with the appropriate safety equipment. Here is a breakdown of the 10 items that can help you protect pedestrians and motorists in busy parking lots and garages.

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Eagle Drum-Handling Equipment Generates Excellent ROI

Drum Handling Equipment Have Good ROI

When drums are manually handled, workers get hurt. Drums can cause all manner of injuries. Learn how using drum handling equipment helps keep workers safe and delivers a good ROI.

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Eagle Manufacturing Company Announces All Their Products Will Continue To Be Made in the USA

American flag waving

Eagle Manufacturing Company is a prime manufacturer of safety cans, safety cabinets, poly drums, spill containment, material handling, and cigarette disposal products. With over 1000 products, Eagle Manufacturing Company is the most respected brand name for quality craftsmanship and best value.

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