Cabinet and Drum Dollies for the Workplace


Cabinet Dollies and Drum Dollies for Efficient Material Handling

When it comes to storing, transporting, and handling heavy drums, it's crucial to prioritize safety and efficiency. Eagle is here to help your company optimize drum usage while safeguarding your employees from potential injuries caused by mishandling.

Drums come in various materials like steel, plastic, and fiber/paperboard, serving a wide range of applications beyond just liquids. From pool chlorine to steel chains, drums efficiently handle both liquid and dry materials. However, their substantial capacity also means they can be quite heavy, weighing anywhere from 200 to 800 pounds (90 to 360 kg) when full.

Managing drums effectively requires addressing their weight, unwieldy shape, and potential spill containment challenges. Eagle offers a comprehensive selection of drum dollies, including our popular drum dolly with plastic handle, spill-containment drum cart, 55-gallon drum barrel hand truck, and drum-lifting devices. 

Cabinet Dollies

We also provide cabinet dollies specifically designed for the convenient relocation of cabinets. Whether you need to move safety cabinets, storage cabinets, or other types of cabinets within your facility, check out our cabinet dolly line for a practical solution. 

The Hazards of Manual Drum Handling

Without proper drum-handling equipment, attempting to move drums manually can result in acute and chronic injuries. Rolling drums on their side or relying solely on brute strength poses risks such as back injuries, muscle strains, fractures, crushing injuries, bruises, abrasions, and lacerations. Over time, manual handling can cause chronic issues like permanent back problems, joint degradation, arthritis, and other ergonomic ailments.

Additionally, mishandling drums can lead to punctures, causing spills that not only result in lost product but also create hazardous material (HazMat) incidents. Remedying spills and cleaning up the affected area often leads to significant downtime. Drum mishandling can also cause mechanical hazards, such as collisions with equipment, products, vehicles, or personnel. Eagle's drum-handling equipment helps prevent spills, mechanical damage, and subsequent disruptions. 

Where to Buy a Dolly

At Eagle, we understand the risks involved in drum handling and have designed a complete line of equipment to mitigate these hazards. Our drum dolly products not only prioritize personnel safety but also improve productivity. Many of our drum dollies also offer spill containment features.

One of our most popular products is the plastic dolly with handle, model 1613, commonly known as a "drum bogie." Its lightweight yet durable HDPE construction makes it resistant to most chemicals. With a spill-containment base and a removable handle, it provides easy movement and precise control for 30-, 55-, and 95-gallon drums.

For heavy-duty applications, Eagle offers steel drum dollies (models 1618 and 1698) designed to efficiently move 55- and 95-gallon drums. With an all-steel construction, four casters, and a 1000-lb load capacity, these dollies are ideal for even the heaviest drums. The 30- and 55-gallon Spill Tray Dolly model 1618 works best when paired with our HDPE Drum Tray with Grating, model 1615, providing stability and containment for small drips and spills. The 1698 heavy-duty drum dolly is perfect for mobile pumping or waste collection stations using overpack drums. Additionally, many facilities use Eagle drum dollies as rolling bases for waste cans.