Auto Repair Shop Safety Equipment

Here is an overview of the workplace safety equipment from Eagle that will help you keep your automotive garage or repair shop safe for personnel and customers.

Safety Equipment for the Auto-Repair Industry 

The automotive repair industry includes a variety of businesses related to vehicle repair and maintenance. An automotive repair facility could refer to anything from a small body shop to a large dealership with a large maintenance garage. Even though the size and layout of these facilities might vary, they still tend to share the same basic areas such as a lobby, office, and garage area. 

Safety equipment for an automotive repair facility is designed to protect personnel, customers, and assets. According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most of the injuries sustained by technicians and mechanics in the automotive repair industry were due to contact with equipment or objects in the workplace. 

To mitigate the risks of injury in your facility, it is important to utilize proper safety equipment. Eagle is the industry leader in workplace safety equipment. We provide facilities all over the world with the products they need to comply with regulatory requirements and protect employees from harm.  

To help you find the equipment that is best suited to your facility, here is an overview of the various areas of a typical automotive repair facility and an outline of the equipment that would provide maximum safety for those areas. 

Loading Dock

 A loading dock is the area of a facility where parts are delivered. Typically, this area is located in the back of a facility in order to minimize vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Large delivery trucks are constantly dropping off mechanical parts for repair and maintenance in an automotive repair building. Without proper safety equipment in these areas, employees could come into contact with trucks or heavy equipment. 

Material handling equipment can help safeguard the loading area of an auto repair shop and protect personnel. Bollard posts are designed to protect employees by preventing vehicles from entering walking areas. Ramps and dockplates can also be implemented in these areas to minimize the risk of trips and falls during loading and unloading. 

Front Entrance/Parking Lot

The outside parking lot of a repair shop or car dealership is often a highly trafficked area. Without proper safety equipment, motorists and pedestrians are at risk for potential injury. Parking lot safety equipment such as parking stops, clearance bars, or parking delineators can help to safely guide customers in and out of your facility’s parking area. Other protective equipment, such as bollard posts or machine guards, can be used to provide a protective barrier between personnel and assets in parking lots and vehicle staging areas.  

Car Wash/Detailing Area

Cars are constantly moving in and out of the detailing area of an auto repair shop. To protect personnel and pedestrian s in these areas, it is important to implement safety equipment designed to reduce the likelihood of an accident. Bollard posts and machine guards are designed to offer reliable protection for personnel from vehicles or other heavy equipment.  

Wall, rack, and corner guards are also ideal for the car wash or detailing area of a repair facility. Wall, rack, and corner guards feature a durable high-density polyethylene construction that is designed to absorb the impact of a vehicle or hand truck. Protective equipment like wall, rack, and corner guards can help protect assets in an auto repair shop from being damaged in the event of a collision.  

Tow Truck Parking

In the tow-truck storage area of an auto repair facility, chemically resistant drain covers from Eagle can be used to prevent oils or other contaminants from escaping into the environment. These easy-to-use drain covers can help your facility achieve regulatory compliance required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Clean Water Act.  

Maintenance Garage

The repair garage is typically the busiest area of an automotive repair facility. Technicians and mechanics perform a variety of tasks in this area, including changing tires, repairing damaged parts, oil changes and more. Statistically, this is also the area where an injury is most likely to occur. 

Material handling equipment in these areas can protect personnel as they perform repair and maintenance tasks. Machine guards and bollard posts are helpful for creating a barrier between a technician and a vehicle. Bollard covers can add vibrancy to old, worn-out bollards without having to paint them. Color-coded safety cans can also be used to help staff quickly identify liquids—such as diesel fuel and motor oil—in the garage area. 

Oil-absorbent maintenance pads, oily waste cans, spill trays, and parts cleaners are also ideal for the garage area. These products can be used to contain or control liquids commonly found in automotive garages such as gasoline or motor oil. For aerosol cans, safety cabinets provide safe storage and reliable spill containment.  

Paint Preparation Area & Paint Booths.

For painting areas in an automotive repair facility, it is important to store paints and other chemicals properly. Chemical storage cabinets can be used to safely house paints and other liquids in the painting area of a repair or body shop. Paint safety cabinets from Eagle are ideal for paint storage and are color-coded in order to help staff quickly identify where materials are located. 

Vehicle Staging Area

Vehicle staging areas are where employees retrieve cars for customers. As vehicles are being prepared for departure, these areas can be busy and potentially dangerous without proper safety equipment. Parking stops that incorporate a high visibility design will help direct vehicles to designated areas.  

Clearance bars from Eagle will help prevent large vehicles or equipment from unintentionally entering vehicle staging areas. Guide-post delineators are also ideal for these areas. Delineators will help guide vehicle and pedestrian traffic and prevent potential impacts. Delineators feature a high-visibility design that makes them easy to see in all weather and working conditions.  


The storage area of an auto repair facility is where items such as tools and parts are kept. The equipment or parts kept in this area may be large and potentially dangerous if handled improperly. Wall, rack and corner guards will help safeguard forklifts and hand trucks as workers retrieve items from storage. Wall, rack and corner guards are also intended to protect facilities and assets from being damaged in the event of a collision. 

Type I and II safety cans from Eagle are also ideal for storage areas in an auto repair shop or garage. Safety cans are designed to meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 requirements and are FM-approved for the safe storage and dispensing of flammable liquids. Safety cans from Eagle are available in a range of color-coded options to help personnel easily identify flammable liquids.  

Find the Safety Equipment that is Right for You 

Eagle is the industry leader in workplace safety equipment. We supply facilities all over the world with the products they need to keep personnel and assets protected. Eagle’s line of material handling equipment, parking lot safety equipment, chemical storage cabinets, and safety cans are designed for a variety of applications, including commercial, industrial, or public facilities. Take a look at our product inventory and find the equipment that is right for you.