Maintenance Garage

Maintaining a safe environment in the maintenance or service garage is key to your company’s overall success. Keep reading to learn what Eagle products can help keep your workers safe.

Eagle Products

Safety Cans

Handling and storing flammable liquids in the service area is a daily occurrence. Fires involving flammable liquids account for over 100,000 fires per year in industrial and commercial settings, and can have deadly consequences. Because your service center is regularly filled with people, vehicles, and equipment, it is important that fuels and other flammable liquids are handled and stored properly to prevent a catastrophe.

Eagle safety cans are the best choice for storing, transferring and dispensing flammable liquids. Available in red, yellow, green and blue, our Type I and Type II safety cans meet OSHA and NFPA requirements and are UL, ULC and FM approved. Cans are constructed of 24-gauge hot dip galvanized steel with a baked-on powder coat finish and double-interlocked, no-weld bottom seams. All cans include a non-sparking flame arrester for added safety.

Type I safety cans feature a single opening for pouring and filling with an optional funnel available. Type II cans offer two openings, one for filling and one with a flexible 12-inch metal spout attached to help reduce the risk of explosion when pouring.

Flammable Safety Cabinets

When not in use, secure and safely store these cans in a flammable liquid safety cabinet. These are available in a wide range of capacities and colors to store from up to 90 gallons of flammable liquids in safety cans, and feature self-close and manual close options. Our cabinets feature a lead-free, high-gloss, baked-on powder finish with a red trilingual warning label, grounding attachment, 3-point latch system and 2-inch leak-tested sills. Adjustable shelves direct spills to the back and bottom of the sump. Constructed of 18-gauge steel, Eagle flammable liquid cabinets can be configured for centralized storage, storage at the work area, or both.

Spill Containment, Response and Control

Leaks and spills in the service area can become big problems if not swiftly resolved. If a vehicle develops a leak in the service area, especially if it is gas or other highly flammable liquids, it is vital to manage or contain the spill immediately. Eagle’s line of HDPE spill trays, drip pans and sumps are an affordable solution for containing small spills. Our maintenance blankets are designed to be used under vehicles or leaking equipment in maintenance situations. They provide a protective sorbent pad between the maintenance item and placement area. For larger volume spills, Eagle SpillNEST™ containment pools can hold 20 to 150 gallons.

Use our SpillNEST™ XT Off-Road Drip Pads to contain most small outdoor drips and spills. Prevent contamination from leaking hoses with Eagle DripNEST™ hose wraps made of durable, chemically resistant materials integrated with a sorbent pad. It absorbs leaks from hoses and fittings from 2 to 10 inches in size.

Sometimes small spills quickly turn into a large safety and/or environmental problem. When not properly contained, hazardous or dangerous chemicals may enter storm drains and other waterways and contaminate the environment. This may also make you liable for any environmental damage. Thus, pro-actively managing spills situations makes the most sense from an environmental, financial and public relations standpoint. For even greater protection in those situations, Eagle prepares you with durable, chemical resistant drain covers and catch basin filters for storm drains.

Once a spill is cleaned up, it’s important to properly dispose of the cleanup materials, which may include a mix of contaminated absorbent pads, booms, oil-dry, etc. It must be disposed of according to hazardous waste disposal procedures.

Eagle salvage drums provide an easy means of containing and securing the used spill response materials. Available in 20- to 95-gallon capacities, salvage drums feature secure lids and chemical-resistant construction. All Eagle drums are pressure tested to ensure maximum storage capability. They are also useful for storing spill response equipment for your service area.

Drum Storage and Handling Equipment

When performing routine vehicle maintenance, there are certain fluids that will be used frequently and in larger quantities. Drums are an excellent way to manage your service fluids. With the right equipment, their design also allows them to double as a dispensing station.

But drums are big and heavy and require the correct equipment to move and use them safely and efficiently. Their weight and round shape make moving them by hand challenging and risky. Drums also require protection from the elements or environment. Eagle’s drum dollies with four casters provide a safe and convenient way to move drums in the service area. The drum remains upright, and the worker is not required to support any of its weight.

It is also important to keep drum tops clean and rust-free—both for good housekeeping as well as protecting the integrity of the drum. Eagle drum covers are an excellent way to protect the drum top while it is on the dolly. For outside drum storage, Eagle’s drum tarps let you safely cover varying amounts of drums.

To keep drums out of standing water, drum trays meet that need. Further, they can contain up to one gallon of drips and spills. Finally, ease the pain of lifting drums with Eagle vertical and horizontal drum lifters which allow you to safely maneuver drums via your lifting equipment.

Eagle provides total protection for drum storage, whether the need be to protect the drums from fire exposure or to contain spills, leaks, and drips. Protect drums of flammable liquids from fires with our flammable liquid drum cabinets. Horizontal and vertical drum storage options are available. For spill protection, drum spill containment pallets and platforms are designed to accommodate anywhere from 1 to 8 drums.

Eagle drum handling equipment also includes a full line of drum accessories, handling devices, and drum collection centers.

Oily Waste Cans

Lots of oily rags and cloths are used in service garages. Discarded rags containing solvents, thinners, combustible adhesives, and other flammable liquids may pile up and pose a fire risk because the chemicals and oil on the rags oxidizes and produces heat. Allowing the heat to build up may even cause spontaneous combustion.

But Eagle oily waste cans help prevent the risk of spontaneous combustion. Constructed of HDPE that won’t rust or dent and is resistant to most chemicals, these hands-free, self-closing cans offer safe temporary storage of solvent rags, waste rags and other materials used in maintenance centers. The cans are available in red, yellow or black, and range from 6 to 14 gallons capacity. 

Parts Cleaners

Cleaning parts is routine for many vehicle repairs. What also must be routine for your shop is properly handling the cleaning solution which often is hazardous and can create a fire hazard in the workplace.

When cleaning small parts with a rag and only a small amount of cleaner is required, Eagle plunger cans allow for controlled dispensing that drains any residual cleaner back into the can. The plunger moistens the rag while reducing the risk of spillage. Reservoir sizes range from 1 quart to 4 quarts and are available in both steel and poly options.

Other options for small parts cleaning include Eagle safety bench cans. Push down on the dasher plate to dispense liquid to wet towels or rags without making a mess. Available in 1 to 8 quart sizes, the steel cans feature a dasher screen that serves as a fire baffle. 

Traffic Management

The parking lots and vehicle traffic areas around your service center are often very busy locations with customers and technicians moving vehicles in and out of service bays and staging areas. If customers aren’t sure where to park and what to do next, or are distracted by cell phones, kids in the backseat, etc., these areas may also prove dangerous.

The National Safety Council reports that accidents in parking areas every year kill hundreds and injure thousands. Eagle’s full line of traffic management devices can safely and efficiently move vehicles through your dealership’s service areas.

It is important that any movement of vehicles through your service area be well-defined and determined in advance. Vehicle flow and safety certainly can be improved by marking service lanes with Eagle’s steel bollards, poly guide-posts, clearance bars, and parking stops.

Protecting your customers’ vehicles is also important. While moving about the service area, there are many opportunities for vehicles to strike an object, damaging both the vehicle and the structure. Shield these spots with Eagle’s plastic column and pole protectors, bollard covers, and wall and corner guards.

Pedestrian Safety

Your service area is busy all day long with customer vehicles moving in and out of the service rotation. There is a constant mix of vehicles and pedestrians moving around. Everyone feels like it is a safe place because vehicles are supposed to be traveling slowly.

But even the best-intending customers can be distracted and unsure of their whereabouts. While trying to figure out where to go, they could fail to see a pedestrian and hit them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about half of all workplace injuries involving pedestrians occurred in parking lots.

A key to preventing auto vs. pedestrian incidents is well-marked pedestrian crossing areas. Collapsible barricades marking pedestrian crossings are a highly visible and convenient way to identify crossing locations. The easy deployment and pick-up also allow you to change pedestrian crossing areas corresponding to your vehicle service load.

Justrite Products

Aerosol Can Disposal and Recycling

From oil lubricants to brake cleaners, auto shops and garages uses many products that come in aerosol cans for maintenance and routine service.  Used aerosol cans remain a potential hazard in the workplace. Because of their pressurized, often flammable, contents, aerosol cans may pose a fire or even explosion risk. For this reason, they must be disposed of as hazardous waste per RCRA requirements.

Justrite offers environmentally friendly Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Recycling Systems to mitigate this risk. These systems allow users to quickly depressurize the can and safely drain the contents, transforming it into safe, recyclable steel.

Waste Receptacles

While the risks of trash fires in most garages are minimal, they do occur from time to time.

Justrite Cease-Fire® waste cans are uniquely designed to prevent such fires from happening. These rugged steel cans feature a self-extinguishing lid that will cut a fire off from its supply of oxygen. The Cease-Fire receptacle is available in 12- to 55-gallon sizes.

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Stations

Whenever material gets in the eyes, especially chemicals such as battery acid, rapid and continuous flushing of the eyes is vital to help avoid a permanent eye injury. In most cases, OSHA/ANSI recommend that eyes be flushed continuously, with copious amounts of water, for a minimum of 15 minutes

Hughes wall- and pedestal-mounted emergency face and eyewash stations from Justrite provide a high degree of assurance in the event of an emergency. If plumbed or permanent eye/facewash stations aren’t an option, several portable models are available to ensure protection for your staff throughout your facility.

 Exposure to hazardous chemicals such as anti-freeze or battery acid can cause reactions from mild skin irritation to serious chemical burns. Someone with gasoline on their clothes is highly flammable until the gasoline and/or their clothes are removed. When toxic contaminants get on the skin and/or clothes, use an emergency shower to immediately flush the contaminants from the person.

Justrite supplies a comprehensive range of Hughes emergency safety showers that can be installed wherever you need them in your shop. Simple to operate and constructed of powder-coated stainless steel pipework, these safety showers provide the first line of defense in the event of a chemical splash or spill.

Gas Cylinder Equipment

In maintenance areas, compressed gas cylinders are commonly used for cutting and welding. Improper handling of gas cylinders can turn dangerous and result in injuries. A broken valve could cause the compressed gas cylinder to launch violently about the service area and cause a fire or explosion.

Improper storage can also cause gas cylinder-related incidents. Because they are so top heavy, it’s easy to tip over unsecured and free-standing gas cylinders, resulting in injuries or property damage.

Justrite supplies gas cylinder equipment to help manage their storage and handling as safely as possible. Use Justrite gas cylinder hand trucks, carts, and forklift cylinder pallet racks to move and secure cylinders throughout the service center. For secure, safe storage of stationary cylinders, view our line of storage brackets and stands. We also offer cabinet storage lockers for compressed gas cylinders, propane tanks, LPG cylinders and other gas-filled cylinders.

Sound Barriers

Noise in a busy service garage can be distracting and annoying to both employees and customers. But, excessive noise can also be a safety and health issue. Combat potential hearing loss caused by unwelcome noise pollution with Justrite QuietSite™ sound barriers that absorb and reflect sound to reduce the dBA. They are also useful in complying with local or state noise ordinances.

Checkers Products

Cable Protection Covers and Ramps for Cords, Wires, and Hoses

Many garages have utilities, cables and wires all across the floor in the service area. Power, cables, water, compressed air, and lubricants may all need to be piped to their end use point, which can be challenging. In many cases, the only option is to run them over the floor or ground where they are subject to personnel and vehicle travel.

Checkers’ supplies cable protectors and ramps ideal for such applications. Depending on the amount of vehicle traffic you expect, Checkers has heavy-duty and medium-duty cable covers with up to five channels.

Light-duty, low-profile, and ADA-compliant cable covers are available for pedestrian areas. These protect your cords, wires and hoses while helping to prevent tripping hazards.

Hose Bridges and Tunnels

Some service areas may need to pass a hose through a location with vehicle traffic, which could pose an issue of vehicles running over your hoses. Checkers hose bridges and tunnel systems offer a safe solution to keep your hoses functioning without affecting traffic or vehicle flow. Whether installed temporarily or permanently, both systems protect hoses while allowing vehicles to pass safely over them.

The Diamondback® hose bridge system deploys quickly and has easy pick-up, making it ideal for temporary applications. For permanent installation, the Diamondback® series of tunnels, connectors, and ramps allows you to custom design your own hose system solutions best suited for your service center.

Wheel Chocks

Vehicles that are being repaired or maintenance should be secure to ensure the safety or personnel working on the vehicle. That is why using vehicle wheel chocks is a safe best practice in maintenance garages. Checkers supplies a diverse range of durable wheel chocks for all types of vehicles, from heavy-duty wheel chocks for large equipment, trucks and utility vehicles, to general purpose rubber wheel chocks for everyday vehicles.

Speed Bumps and Humps

It is important to be safe when moving vehicles around the garage and parking areas for different services. Controlling the speed of vehicles in congested areas is especially critical to deter distracted drivers. Checkers provides vehicle and motion safety equipment such as speed humps,  speed bumps and alley bumps. Many of Checkers’ speed control products are constructed from 100% recycled materials.

NoTrax Products

Work Area Mats

Service area employees spend long periods of time standing. NoTrax anti-fatigue mats are a simple way to improve productivity and satisfaction and reduce injuries and illnesses associated with long-term standing. These mats provide cushion to relieve neck, leg and lower back discomfort. Our mats are produced from industrial-grade materials (often 100% recycled) and suitable in any commercial environment. Custom design a suitable solution for your workstations with pre-cut sizes, custom cut-to-length mats, rolls, and tiles.

Entry Mats

A professionally designed entry mat serves as the first impression of your company to many of your customers. It also acts an important safety feature by helping to prevent slips and falls upon entrance. Finally, a quality entry mat helps reduce the amount of dirt, mud, and water tracked into the interior of your garage or service areas. NoTrax supplies a wide range of entry mats, including outdoor mats, recessed mats, hard surface mats, and custom logo mats.

Electrically Insulative Mats

Most garages house many types of electrical equipment with ample power to injure personnel—perhaps even fatally—should an electrical fault occur.

NoTrax switchboard mats offer an insulated surface to help reduce the risk of electrical shock when using electrical service equipment with heavy power consumption, it is important to install it on an insulated surface to reduce the risk of electrical shock. These electrical mats are rated for 20,000 volts and up and are available in several roll sizes and colors.