Plastic Pole & Column Protectors for Property Damage and Injury Protection


Plastic Pole & Column Protectors for Property Damage and Injury Protection

Eagle column protectors offer affordable protection for warehouse and factory columns, posts, and beams. The columns in a building are vital to its structural integrity. Damage to the columns from equipment can lead to costly repairs. Save money by adding pole protectors.

Plastic Pole Protectors

A column guard adds padding to columns that help decrease impact damage from tow motors, fork trucks, and other large vehicles and increases the visibility of columns. Our column guards are made from blow-molded 100% high-density polyethylene. The plastic column guards are resistant to most chemicals and feature key-lock to prevent slippage and assist with installation alignment. Garage column wraps protect parking garage columns, light pole bases, basement poles, posts, and act as warehouse beam protectors.

Eagle Column Protector Models

Plastic Pole and Column Protector Questions

Warehouse columns are essential for supporting the weight of a building and the materials stored within it. Damage to these columns can compromise the structural integrity of the building, leading to safety hazards and costly repairs. Column protectors can help to increase workplace safety by reducing the risk of accidents caused by collisions with columns. By absorbing the impact of a collision, they can prevent injuries to workers and damage to equipment.

The following set of questions and answers explain what column protection is, and how column protectors are used in warehouse settings.

What are column protectors used for?

Column protectors are used in warehouses to protect structural columns, posts, and beams from damage caused by forklifts, pallet jacks or other types of material handling equipment. They’re designed to absorb the impact of a collision by adding padding to the column. This helps to prevent damage to structural columns and equipment, reduce maintenance costs and repairs, and enhance workplace safety. Eagle’s column protectors are available to fit round and square supports, and come in bright colors to increase the visibility of columns.

Are column protectors required in a warehouse?

Column protectors are not required in a warehouse, but are highly recommended by OSHA as an important safety measure. By installing column protectors, businesses can help prevent collisions with columns, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure the safety of people and equipment.

What is column protection?

Column protection refers to the steps taken to protect columns and pillars in a warehouse from damage. By taking proactive measures to protect the structural components of a building, you prevent property damage, reduce maintenance costs and repairs, and enhance worker safety by minimizing the likelihood of accidents or collisions.

What are ways to minimize warehouse damage?

One of the most effective ways to minimize warehouse damage is to install safety barriers, such as column protectors, bollard covers, machine guards and wall protectors. These help to prevent collisions, and minimize damage and injury to equipment and people.