Andy Brousseau, Director of Industrial Safety and Compliance at the Justrite Safety Group, guest stars on The Workplace Safety podcast, streaming this week.

Hosted by nationwide OSHA consulting firm, Lancaster Safety Consulting, the podcast focuses on “common health and safety issues found in workplaces across the nation.” The workplace safety firm offers listeners “an inside look at what it takes to be, and stay, compliant with OSHA’s ever-changing regulations.”

In the next episode, Andy Brousseau dives into the topic of spill containment vs. secondary containment with host Stephen “Sarge” Thomas. This is the second episode in a five-part series on educating organizations and employers on how to handle hazardous materials in the workplace. Andy and Stephen discuss what spill containment is and why it’s essential for businesses that store hazardous chemicals to have at least two forms of spill containment.

According to Andy, most spill prevention and mitigation are often not on an organization's radar until it's too late. "Remember that the regulations are concerned with the types of liquids you use and the amount of those liquids you store,” says Andy, “and how you keep them under control.”

However, Andy says that protecting the brand image and the environment can take place simultaneously by developing proper SOPs along with having the right equipment. “Even super sturdy secondary containment systems can fail, and cause a spill,” Andy warns.

Having a system in place is vital for a business’s bottom line. State and Federal EPA fines, along with the damage to a company's image, are some of the most costly to manage. “Whatever works for you and your workplace, just make sure it works,” suggests Andy.

Tune in to learn more about spill containment and gain some ideas on how to implement both primary and secondary containment systems for your facility.

Andy has 22 years of experience as a professional firefighter and medic. He’s always ready to share his deep reservoir and experience on all things safety. Prior to Justrite, Andy oversaw safety, security, and environmental operations for a global logistics company all over the world. “I’ve always been involved in helping people,” he said. “Being a member of a hazmat team provided with an incredible training opportunity and real-life experience in mitigating incidents.”

The five-part series runs once per month through December.

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