Poly Corrosive Modular Cabinets


HDPE Modular Poly Acid and Corrosive Cabinets in Blue, 48/24/12/4 Gallon

Modular Poly Acid and Corrosive Cabinets from Eagle feature a high-density polyethylene construction and can be assembled in minutes without tools.

Poly Corrosive Modular Safety Cabinet Questions

Are corrosive cabinets made of plastic?

Corrosive cabinets made of solid or molded polyethylene are recommended when storing aggressive corrosive materials such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, or nitric acids. The all-polyethylene cabinets have greater durability and longevity than cabinets constructed of steel.

Are all acids corrosive?

All acids are corrosive to some degree as determined by their pH. Acids with a low pH are considered aggressive and should be stored in a safety cabinet constructed of polyethylene.

Does acid eat through plastic?

In general, acid does not react with plastic. This is why polyethylene is used in the construction of corrosive safety cabinets or as liners for the sumps and shelves of steel safety cabinets.

Which cabinet holds nitric acid?

As nitric acid is an aggressive chemical, it should be stored in a cabinet constructed of polyethylene or wood laminate. A 'solid wall' polyethylene cabinet provides the highest degree of security and chemical resistance.