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Steel Wall Mounted Fire Safety Cabinets

Make the most of usable storage space without taking up valuable floor space, with wall mount safety cabinets from Eagle. Available in multiple colors, all wall mount cabinets feature red trilingual warning, plus grounding attachment, and 3-point latch system.

Flammable cabinets, also known as fire cabinets, come in standard design, tower cabinets with legs, wall mounted cabinets, under counter cabinets, and add on cabinets. Examples of these cabinets are the standard 9010X, tower 9010XLEGS, wall mounted 1975X, under counter 1971X, and add on ADD14XWHTE.

Wall Mounted Fire Safety Cabinet Questions

A wall mount fire safety cabinet is a type of safety cabinet designed to be mounted on a wall. It is used for storing flammable liquids and other hazardous materials safely and securely. By mounting the fire safety cabinet on a wall, it saves floor space, provides easy access to materials, and reduces the risk of spills and accidents. The following set of questions and answers relate to the benefits of mounting fire safety cabinets and how to go about installing them.

How do you install a fire safety cabinet on the wall?

To install a fire safety cabinet on the wall, use the wall mounting hardware that comes with it. Wall mounted fire safety cabinets have pre-made holes on the back of the cabinet for easy installation. This prevents you from having to drill holes and helps the safety cabinet maintain fire protection properties. Wall mounting hardware is included with all Eagle’s wall mounted safety cabinets.

Do fire safety cabinets need to be anchored?

As a general safety practice, it’s recommended to anchor fire safety cabinets. By anchoring the fire cabinet, you’re reducing the risk of the safety cabinet from toppling over or becoming unstable. One way to avoid this risk altogether is to purchase a wall mounted fire safety cabinet. These can be installed directly onto the wall, giving you more control over floor space in your warehouse.

What is a mounted fire safety cabinet used for?

A mounted fire safety cabinet is used to provide a heat resistant enclosure for flammable and combustible liquids. This helps to protect personnel and property from devastating fires. The fire safety cabinets also help to identify, organize and segregate the liquids. When mounted near points-of-use, the fire cabinet saves time and effort by eliminating frequent trips to a central storage room.

What are the benefits of a wall mounted fire safety cabinet over other fire safety cabinets?

Wall mounted fire safety cabinets offer many benefits over floor models. By mounting the fire safety cabinet, you take advantage of space that often goes unused. It also frees up floor space, increasing storage capacity in your warehouse. For earthquake regions, or locations where an added measure of stability is needed, a wall mounted fire safety cabinet may reduce the risk of impact damage over floor models that could potentially topple over if not anchored.