Industrial workplace safety has increased dramatically over the last century, and many of these improvements are thanks to government organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

However, many of the safety rules and regulations implemented would not be possible without quality safety equipment manufactured by companies that understand specific workplace dangers. Manufacturers are also responsible for advancing safety technologies and raising the bar in workplace safety.

Learn to evaluate quality safety equipment suppliers and choose the best one for your business.

Who Are The Top US Safety Equipment Suppliers?

Here are some of the best work safety equipment suppliers in the industry that you can trust to provide durable equipment that reduces industrial accidents.

Justrite Manufacturing, Industrial Safety Leader Since 1906

Justrite is one of the top industrial safety equipment suppliers in the world and is known for consistently producing durable, OSHA approved products. Their specialties include cable management, emergency showers, hazardous storage, industrial matting, and motion safety products. They also carry the most advanced equipment in safety containers with spill containment, ground protection, and more.

Each product is designed by experts who have a deep understanding of each industry's dangers and OSHA regulations.

They also offer a host of resources about improving workplace safety and emphasize education as the key to reducing industrial accidents.

Checkers Safety, Industrial Safety Leader Since 1987

Checkers safety is another brand dedicated to supplying industrial worksites with quality safety equipment. They offer a selection of wheel chocks, cable and hose protection systems, motion safety, warning lights, and other equipment required for worksite construction. With over 25 years of experience, they are committed to providing personalized service for each customer.

NoTrax, Industrial Safety Leader Since 1945

NoTrax, formerly Superior Manufacturing, understands the intricate details of matting and how it impacts back pain, slip and fall accidents, and other workplace hazards. They offer a variety of different mats for service and construction industries as well as entranceway matting solutions.

Each mat is designed by industry experts and then carefully tested for chemical resistance, flammability, and strength before becoming a NoTrax product.

U.S. Chemical Storage, Industrial Safety Leader Since 1998

U.S. Chemical Storage provides secure storage buildings for explosives and hazardous chemicals, complete with anti-theft locks and fireproof material. Their products comply with EPA and NFPA regulations, and they even provide storage for military safety equipment.

Hughes Safety Showers, Industrial Safety Leader Since 1950

Hughes Safety Showers offers a selection of products designed to protect chemists from hazardous burns. Their showers can be used in hot and cold climates and a variety of laboratories. In addition to their line of products, they also help with project planning, customized engineering, and third party testing.

Eagle Manufacturing, Industrial Safety Leader Since 1894

Eagle Manufacturing is a pioneer among chemical safety equipment suppliers. Their specialties lie in safety cans, spill containment, and safety cabinets, and each product is meticulously designed to surpass OSHA quality standards. With over 125 years of experience, Eagle manufacturing is a leader in industrial safety supplies.

Industrial Safety Equipment Suppliers

Industrial safety equipment suppliers are responsible for providing life-saving equipment for the most dangerous industrial jobs.

Chemical safety equipment suppliers specialize in providing chemical storage and personal protective equipment for industries that deal with hazardous and corrosive products, such as pipeline industries. Most products are fireproof and leak-proof storage containers constructed with the properties of specific chemicals in mind.

Electrical safety equipment suppliers serve industries like the power and energy sector by providing equipment designed to reduce accidents like trips and falls and electrocutions. Products like mats, gloves, and body harnesses, are made with nonconductive materials durable enough to withstand sparks and extreme heat.

Construction safety equipment suppliers focus on providing equipment for worksite safety. The equipment they manufacture includes warning whips, wheel chocks, industrial mats, and cable and hose protection. These products are built to withstand intense weather conditions and withstand extreme force.

Virtually all industrial sectors carry some risk of fire and explosions, so fire and safety equipment suppliers provide a variety of fireproof storage and safety equipment.

Eagle Manufacturing

Eagle manufacturing was founded to provide superior safety equipment for the workplace and has grown through the principles of integrity, innovation, and customized service.

We work directly with our customers to provide personalized solutions that fit their specific needs. Here is an overview of some of our product lines and options.

Vital Safety Equipment: Safety Cans

We have been manufacturing and perfecting safety cans for over 60 years and provide FM approved solutions that meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 requirements. Our solutions include galvanized Type I and Type II safety cans, as well as biohazard containers, faucet cans, bench cans, disposal cans, stainless steel cans, and much more.

Vital Safety Equipment: Safety Cabinets

Our industrial storage safety cabinets are created with cutting edge technology and boast designs inspired by decades of research and data for optimum protection. Our product lines include fire cabinets, corrosive safety cabinets, hazmat cabinets, paint safety cabinets, pesticide cabinets, and drum cabinets. We're proud to set the standard for safety cabinet design, testing, and manufacturing.

Vital Safety Equipment: Spill Containment

Most industrial sectors deal with hazardous chemicals that can lead to slip and fall accidents and more devastating fires and explosions on the worksite. To combat chemical spills and accidents, Eagle MFG has built a line of spill containment products for workstations and construction sites.

With spill containment platforms and pallets, all spilled corrosive chemicals are captured in a durable platform that protects your containers and confines damage. We also offer a host of EPA approved drum stackers and containment products that elevate chemical storage safety.

Vital Safety Equipment: Material Handling Equipment

Material handling solutions make warehouses, plants, and factories a safer workplace. Our facility protection line includes wall and corner protectors, protective parking spots, poly curb ramps, shipping container ramps, bollard posts, and more. Made in the United States, all of our products are designed to withstand industrial conditions and create a safer working environment. We use our own equipment in our workplaces and understand the safety hazards industry workers face daily.