How to Avoid OSHA Violations and Maintain Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regularly conducts facility inspections across the country to ensure that workplace safety standards are properly observed. As part of the inspection process, facilities are sometimes issued citations for violating safety standards. According to an overview of the top OSHA violations for 2021 from the National Safety Council (NSC), some of the most frequently cited safety standards were issued for infractions related to a lack of fall protection, improper hazards communication and a lack of personal protective equipment.

Eagle is the industry leader in workplace safety equipment designed for industrial and commercial facilities. Our safety solutions are designed to protect personnel from injury and enable facilities to comply with regulatory guidelines. Utilizing proper safety equipment in your operation is one of the best ways to avoid fines resulting from non-compliance. To help you find the safety products that are right for your facility, here is a look at some of the equipment from Eagle designed to offer compliance with OSHA safety standards.

Demonstrate Compliance with Safety Equipment from Eagle

Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets from Eagle are designed to provide safe storage for a wide range of substances, including flammable liquids, chemicals, pesticides, corrosives and more. Safety cabinets feature a reinforced double-wall construction with a lead-free, high-gloss powder coat finish. Optional self-closing doors are available to isolate potentially combustible materials from ignition sources automatically.

Eagle safety cabinets incorporate four adjustable galvanized leveling legs, triangular warning labels, internal vents with fire baffle and cap and a three-point latch system. These safety cabinets also feature patented adjustable steel shelves that are designed to direct spills to the back and bottom of a leakproof sump in order to contain leaks and spills. Eagle safety cabinets are FM-approved and are designed to satisfy NFPA code 30 requirements as well as OSHA safety standards.

Safety Cans

Eagle offers a wide range of industry-leading safety containers designed to store a variety of liquids safely. Type I safety cans feature a 24-gauge, hot-dipped steel construction with a baked-on powder coat finish. The Type I safety can is equipped with a spring-closing lid and a neoprene gasket that automatically vents when the internal pressure reaches 5 psi.

The Type II safety can offers the same reliable construction as the Type I can with the addition of a second opening for filling and a flexible metal spout designed to provide controlled pouring. Type I and II safety cans from Eagle are UL and ULC listed and FM-approved for the safe storage and handling of flammable liquids.

Spill Containment

Flexible spill containment solutions from Eagle are designed to provide reliable storage for leak-prone containers as well as rapid spill response. Leaking containers can potentially lead to personnel injuries and workplace safety standard violations. Spill containment pallets will help contain leaks and spills in order to prevent injuries resulting from slips and falls.

Spill containment berms are also available to provide a quick response to emergency leaks and spills, as well as temporary storage for leak-prone containers. Drain covers from Eagle will help prevent contaminants from entering nearby waterways in accordance with EPA standards, and leak diverters will direct leaks away from personnel walkways in order to create safe working conditions.

Material Handling

Material handling products are available to help facilities maintain workplace safety standards in warehouses, receiving areas, loading docks and other areas. Column protectors will help protect structures from being damaged by forklifts or other vehicles. HDPE wall, rack and corner guards feature a high-visibility design that will help maximize worker awareness in busy warehouses.

For protecting pedestrians and personnel in loading areas, steel bollard posts from Eagle feature a high-visibility design that enables them to provide reliable protection from vehicles as well as perimeter security. Ramps and dockplates are also available to offer fall protection during loading and unloading.

Traffic Safety

Traffic safety equipment from Eagle is designed to protect pedestrians and personnel in parking lots, garages and warehouses. Guidepost delineators are ideal for creating pedestrian walkways in order to reduce the likelihood of stuck-by incidents. Clearance bars are also available for protecting structures and for providing motorists entering a facility with an early warning. All-weather parking stops from Eagle will help facilities clearly delineate parking spaces in order to prevent collisions. Parking stops incorporate a chemically-resistant construction and are available in a variety of colors.

Find the Safety Solutions that are Right for your Facility

Eagle safety equipment is designed to enable facilities to protect personnel and comply with regulatory guidelines. Many of our products were developed to satisfy specific industry safety standards and help facilities avoid fines resulting from violations. Take a look at our selection of workplace safety solutions and find the products that are right for your facility or operation.