Eagle Manufacturing Company Announces All Their Products Will Continue To Be Made in the USA

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June 24, 2021

WELLSBURG, W.VA. – Eagle Manufacturing Company Announces All Their Products Will Continue To Be Made in the USA

Eagle Manufacturing Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of products for industry safety and environmental protection, is pleased to announce its ongoing commitment to manufacturing all its products in the USA.

Eagle Manufacturing Company is a prime manufacturer of safety cans, safety cabinets, poly drums and spill containment, material handling, and cigarette disposal products. With over 1000 products, Eagle Manufacturing Company is the most respected brand name for quality craftsmanship and best value. As an ISO-9001:2015 certified manufacturer, all their products are USA Made. Since 1894, Eagle Manufacturing Company has provided innovative and superior safety products to its customers worldwide. The company takes great pride in the fact that for 127 years, those products have been manufactured solely in the USA.

Additionally, Eagle Manufacturing Company has maintained their same location in Wellsburg, W.Va, since they opened their doors. They are an integral and involved member of their community with multiple generations of families, including active and retired military, making up an important part of the Eagle team.

Said Dave Harvey, Eagle Manufacturing Company Vice President of Operations, “At Eagle, every part of our Type I and Type II safety can is manufactured here. All the parts are stamped out, spot welded and assembled here, including the handle, plate, and the bottom of every can.

“What’s more, all of our plastics products including, high quality storage and overpack drums, oil waste cans, spill containment, and material handling solutions, are molded, assembled, and packaged entirely here in Wellsburg, W.Va.” According to Consumer Reports, 78 percent of Americans would rather buy American-made products to support the economy and create jobs across the country. Eagle Manufacturing Company sees their Made in the USA initiative as a way to support the country, the economy, local communities, and American workers.

“When consumers buy foreign-made goods, there are fewer manufacturing jobs created or available. That means American workers have less money to spend on other goods and services, and our economy suffers as a result,” said Harvey. “At Eagle Manufacturing Company, we’re committed to supporting the country as well as the town of Wellsburg and surrounding communities. It’s a 127-year tradition we intend to continue well into the future.”

To learn more about Eagle Manufacturing Company and its complete line of high-quality industrial safety products, visit them online at https://eagle.justrite.com/.

About Eagle Manufacturing Company:

Eagle Manufacturing Company is a portfolio company of Justrite Safety Group. Justrite Safety Group is a growing family of leading industrial safety companies. Together we protect workers, workplaces, and the environment with a comprehensive range of industrial safety solutions—from the storage, containment, and clean up of hazardous materials to emergency showers, industrial matting, and motion safety.