Using the Right Container Ramps for the Job

container ramps make it easy to push dolly into truck

Choosing the right container ramp for your needs

Whether you’re shipping drums full of hazardous waste, driving a truck full of inventory or running a convenience store that receives food and beverage shipments, you likely need a ramp that will allow you to move goods between a truck and loading dock. And while there is no shortage of options, not all ramps are created equal. It’s essential to choose the right container ramp for your application to ensure your workplace remains safe and products are moved efficiently.

In this post, we’ll cover plastic (poly) ramps that can support two- to four-wheel carts, hand trucks or dollies filled with crates, boxes or industrial drums holding anything from food and beverage goods to product inventory to hazardous waste. Poly ramps weigh less than steel ramps and can therefore be easily lifted, carried and handled by one person. They lack the sharp corners and edges of steel ramps, so you won’t risk puncturing your drums or damaging goods and operators. They’re also much cheaper than steel ramps, making them even more appealing.

When it comes to specific models, finding the best ramp for the job comes down to what surface it needs to cover.

Moving goods over a curb or step

If you’re trying to cart goods over a street curb or step, an 8-inch poly curb ramp is ideal. Great for production facilities and transportation companies in the food and beverage industry, as well as convenience stores or gas stations receiving shipments of food and beverages, it is wide enough for two- to four-wheel carts or dollies. It can support up to 1,000 pounds, helping users minimize the number of trips needed to load or unload the truck. The handles make it easy to grab and store on the wall of your truck or out of the way in your store. And because the durable poly material can withstand extreme cold or heat, this ramp can be used in your freezer or outside.

Moving loads between delivery trucks and loading docks

Portable poly dockplates are perfect for moving loads between the back of a truck and a loading dock. Wider and heavier than a standard poly curb ramp, dockplates have metal fins that mount under the ramp. When a truck backs up to a loading dock, the fins lay between the truck and the building, locking the ramp into place. Lightweight portable dockplates can be moved easily by an individual and have handles for easy lifting and storage.

If you want a permanent ramp on your loading dock

While portability is an advantage for some, others prefer a ramp that attaches directly to the loading dock, so it’s always ready to go. A fixed poly dockplate attaches to the metal rail on the back of your building’s loading dock, so you don’t need to worry about losing it, moving it or storing it. Once the truck backs into place, pull the ramp down into the truck—no pallet jack or equipment necessary. The operator can then walk over the ramp and into the loading dock pushing a cart, dolly or hand truck carrying loads of up to 1,000 pounds.

Moving loads in and out of shipping containers

If you need to move loads in and out of shipping containers, use a shipping container ramp specifically designed to latch to shipping containers. It features three points of contact to support the ramp and prevent lateral movement during use. The ramp locks onto the frame of the shipping container and covers a height differential of 10 inches, allowing you to move carts or dollies containing loads of up to 750 pounds in and out of the container.

The Eagle advantage

All Eagle container ramps are built to keep people, property and the planet safe. Since capacity is one of the most important factors when deciding which ramp to purchase, we print the capacity directly onto the ramp, so you don’t need to keep instructions or labels handy. Eagle ramps are also engineered to prevent accidents if weight limits are ignored. So if a person tries to move a load that weighs more than the limit, the ramp will not break. Instead, it will deform, preventing the user from being able to push the load up or down the ramp.

Safety is a big concern, so our handles are designed to be large enough for gloved hands to fit through them. And thanks to the side rail design, it’s impossible for the cart to jump the side rail.

To see the full ramp specs, download our Material Handling catalog or contact the experts for more assistance finding the right ramp for your job.

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